• Celebrating 24 Years

    “Hild Chemical-- Celebrating our 24nd Year in providing the best value in cleaning supplies”
  • Xtreme Chemistry

      Every product we engineer to the Xtreme Edge. We choose not to be like our competitors.... Winners never follow, they lead with passion. Break the mold, challenge the rules and lead your company to success with Hild Chemical!  
  • ECO Friendly

    Hild Chemical has researched and developed industrial cleaning products to safely replace unsafe, toxic cleaning chemicals. Our Xtreme cleaning products are better for people and the environment, and clean as well as – and in some cases better than – their toxic counterparts.  
  • Cleaning Products

    At Hild Chemical we specialize in cleaning products for professionals, institutions, and individuals. We have innovative solutions for medical , dental, retail, consumer and industrial applications.  
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    We have a fully stocked warehouse. Our line of cleaning products for professionals, institutions, and individuals is Ready to Ship.
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image Concrete Sealer

Super Concrete Sealer

High Solids Content

imageFloor Harding & Protecting Gel

Crystal Shield

Watercopolymeric Crystalline

image Floor Hardener and Gloss

Tuff Plus Super Finish

Acrylic Tripolymers


Crystal Shield

CrystalShield Gel is T-A@ (see T-A2) in a protective gel.  CrystalShield water-copolymeric crystalline is concentrated to impregnate and harden floors. CrystalShield water-based burnishing impregnating gel hardens and beautifies all floors without leaving floors soft or slippery.


Tuff-Plus Super Finish

Tuff-Plus Super Finish is a blend of extremely hard, new generation acrylic tripolymers, thermoplastics, resins and plasticizers designed to provide exceptional durability and reflective gloss.  Tuff-Plus Super Finish contains more than twice the chemical content of raw materials, (including Plastiplex™, T-A2)  compared to watered down brand name finishes.  Tuff-Plus achieves levels of hardness and clarity never before available in conventional finishes.


Hild Chemical

Two decades ago, we looked to the future and have always been on the cutting edge in delivering the best cleaning products that are friendly to the environment.  We figured out that bringing you the very best cleaning products will save money in the short and long term.   

Today everyone is now thinking about the environment and developing green cleaning products.  When looking at cleaning supplies, Hild Chemical recognizes that most green cleaning and degreasing products do not deliver the best results and often require more work and thus greater expenses and manpower to get the job done right. That’s why we have worked hard with our chemical engineers and developed our Xtreme lines of non-toxic, environmentally friendly and 100% natural biodegradable cleaning products that deliver industrialized strength cleaning power that is also eco-friendly.

At the forefront is Hild Chemical's revolutionary and proprietary technology, which we bring in all of all our cleaning products.  This Xtreme technology is what sets us apart from the competition and allows our environmentally friendly cleaning products to systematically out perform other green cleaning supplies, and even traditional industrial cleaning products.

“Proven chemistry that saves on labor costs”

A Woman Owned Minority Business