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Super Concrete Seal is a development of Hild Chemical, Inc. a developer of specialty coatings for a wide variety of substrates. SCS technology is unique in that the small particle (1-2 microns) size of the epoxy-acrylic allows maximum penetration of the product. SCS penetrates the concrete pore, adheres to and colorizes (if so selected) the particles without covering the natural texture.





Unlike conventional cleaners that remove only surface soils, Clean Carpet has superior surfactants allowing better penetration into all types of carpets and fabrics. Powerful builders have been incorporated into Clean Carpet which extends active cleaning time allowing longer cleaning periods with less chemical.





Deep scrub or strip floor. Rinse / neutralize floor. Pre-burnish entire floor if possible. Apply 4 medium coats of Tuff-Plus. Make sure each coat is completely dry (15-30 min.) before reapplying consecutive coats. After the fourth coat apply 1 medium coat of Thermo-After Shock, (T-A2) to entire floor. Aggressively mop on T-A2 as if cleaning floor to allow complete penetration and absorption.