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Concrete Maintenance Procedure

Super Concrete Seal (INDOOR AND OUT DOOR USE)

Product Description

Super Concrete Seal is a development of Hild Chemical, Inc. a developer of specialty coatings for a wide variety of substrates.

SCS technology is unique in that the small particle (1-2 microns) size of the epoxy-acrylic allows maximum penetration of the product.

SCS penetrates the concrete pore, adheres to and colorizes (if so selected) the particles without covering the natural texture. Unlike paint it will move with the concrete and allow the concrete to breathe. Paints are a top coat and will eventually crack, peel or blister as concrete moves and moisture attempts to escape.

SCS can effectively colorize concrete and revitalize worn and faded integral colored concrete.

SCS is extremely versatile and is ideal for use indoor and outdoor, patios, walkways, driveways, garages, block walls, kitchen countertops, grout – essentially any porous concrete or masonry surface.


Non Hazardous / Non Flammable / Easy To Apply / Excellent Penetration / Fast Drying / Low Maintenance / Long Lasting / Prevents Efflorescence, Dusting & Powdering/ Tannin & Stain Blocking / Will Not Support Mold & Fungus / QUV gloss and color retention / Water, UV, Detergent, Chemical and Corrosion Resistant


Surface Preparation:
Ensure that the concrete is porous. Test an area with water and if absorption takes place SCS will function correctly. Surface must be porous. Surface preparation may include sanding, grinding, pebble blasting or acid washing. Strippers may be used to remove previously applied sealers such as urethane. If acid washed surface must be neutralized to pH of 7 before applying SCS.

Shake container of SCS before use. For first application SCS works best if surface is damp. Apply a thin coat by airless sprayer (back brush), brush, stain pad or mop. For best results 2 applications are recommended with second coat being applied wet on wet. If SCS is colorized additional coats will intensify color. Colorize with Universal Colorants (Propylene Glycol based). For maximum protection allow seven days before being driven on.

Apply between 45F and 95F allowing 24 hours before allowing water on surfaces.

Protective Coatings:
In high volume/commercial areas epoxy may be applied over the surface.

Typical coverage for two coats is 600 square feet per gallon, (350 for two coats).

Clean Up:
Use Hild Chemical, Neutral Cleaner Extreme Plus, 1oz. per gallon.

Packed in gallons, pails, and drums.

Protect from freezing.

Limited five-year warranty against blistering, cracking, peeling beyond normal wear and tear.

Floor must be clean to allow seal to penetrate. This gives the most performance and longevity to the sealer. Penetration will depend on the porosity of the concrete. Some tire brands contain chemicals harmful to coatings due to lift off after vehicle has sat for several hours or days. SCS is not warranted against this condition.

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