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Clean Carpet

Product Description

Clean Carpet is a proven powerful carpet cleaning concentrate designed for use in portable and truck mount carpet cleaning extraction equipment.

Clean Carpet is a highly concentrated low foaming formulation manufactured to provide exceptional results on nylon and polyolefin's.

Unlike conventional cleaners that remove only surface soils, Clean Carpet has superior surfactants allowing better penetration into all types of carpets and fabrics. Powerful builders have been incorporated into Clean Carpet which extends active cleaning time allowing longer cleaning periods with less chemical.

Clean Carpet does not contain butyl or phosphates that are ecologically unfriendly.


Directions for Use

Prior to using Clean Carpet ensure the floor area to be serviced has been thoroughly vacuumed.

Initial Maintenance

Mix solution 1 ounce per gallon to remove construction soil after new installation


Daily/Routine Maintenance

Daily/routine vacuuming is essential for carpet maintenance programs.

For daily/routine spotting maintenance, mix suggested dilution of Clean Carpet with warm water, followed by warm water rinse.

Spotting Condition

Dilution Ratio

General Spotting

2 Ounces per gallon

Medium Spotting

4 Ounces per gallon

Heavy or Tough Spotting

6 Ounces per gallon


Periodic or Salvage/Restorative Maintenance

Clean Carpet can be used for Hot Water Extraction, Traffic Lane Pre-Spray or Upholstery Cleaning:

Soiling Condition

Dilution Ratio

Light Soil

1 ounce per gallon

Medium Soil

2 ounces per gallon

Heavy Soiling conditions

4 ounces per gallon


LMC2 (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner)

Product Description

LMC2 (Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner) is an interim carpet cleaning chemical safe for all fibers which combines the unique qualities of “low moisture” cleaning with outstanding cleaning efficiency.

LMC2 dries without traditional carpet cleaning residues that promote rapid re-soiling.

LMC2 is a chemical that will release soil from the carpet fiber and encapsulate it allowing easy removal through daily vacuuming.

Routine maintenance with LMC2 allows your regular daily vacuum cleaning to act like an extractor removing harmful soils that can damage the fiber of your carpet.


Directions for Use

Use at 8 – 24 ounces of LMC2 per gallon of water.

Soiling Condition

Dilution Ratio

• Light Soiling

8 Ounces per Gallon

• Moderate Soiling

16 Ounces per Gallon

• Heavy Soiling

24 Ounces per Gallon



LMC2 may be applied using different cleaning procedures including pre-spraying and agitating with a cylindrical counter-rotating brush machine, rotary shampoo brush or Cimex Machine.

LMC2 may also be used with a bonnet cleaning system by immersing the bonnet in the cleaning solution and wringing it dry.

The LMC2 formula provides for fast drying times, helps to prevent wickback, and is re-soil negative. It also contains no optical brighteners, no VOC's or hazardous ingredients.


Initial Maintenance

Extract existing soil from carpet using Clean Carpet diluted to manufactures recommended dilution ratio and hot water extractor. Allow carpet to completely dry. Apply LMC2 to carpet using one of the application methods mentioned above.


Daily/Routine Maintenance

Daily/Routine vacuuming removes encapsulated soil.


Periodic Maintenance

Reapply LMC2 periodically to continue the benefits of the system and reinforce the soil encapsulation process. Regular routine maintenance cleanings with LMC2 along with the proper vacuuming schedule will help to extend the life of your carpeting and limit the need for hot water extracting.


Salvage/Restorative Maintenance

Occasionally hot water extraction may be necessary to remove soil that is deep in the pile of the carpet. When extraction is necessary follow Initial Maintenance service procedure.