“We maintain a large inventory in our warehouse so we are ready
to ship to you when you need it most"


Building Service Contractors

Achieve CIMS and CIMS-GB certification for your organization. Help your customers achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification for their buildings.




Help “clear the air” for our kids in schools (and the faculty and staff as well) by reducing the use of chemicals with harsh or even toxic fumes.  All of our products are environmentally friendly.


Achieve compliance with Executive Order 13423, which has an emphasis on environmentally preferred purchasing.  Save on labor costs and unnecessary use of products.




Protect patients and employees by cleaning with hospital-grade, pH neutral disinfectants.




First impressions are very important.  Your floors will outshine your competition using Hild Chemical products.  Safely clean and deodorize while reducing impact on the environment and occupants.




We know stains.  Our Xtreme engineering will remove the toughest soils, marks, smudges and greases with HILD Solution Station cleaners and degreasers.




Degrease and sanitize food prep areas, glassware, utensils, processing equipment and machinery.




HILD GPS® (Green Partner Support™) Program consists of a combination of proper cleaning procedures, processes and planning to safely and effectively clean buildings.